13 Spooky New Jersey Houses for Halloween [PHOTOS]
Shawn Michaels' Halloween Shutterblog
I was going through my photo library and decided to do a Halloween blog featuring photos I have taken around New Jersey featuring "spooky homes". I've always thought old homes are captivating subjects and a lot of the time pretty spook…
Yay! To Sharing Vacay Pics
How do you feel when you see peoples' vacation photos on social media?  According to a study by a U.K insurance company Aviva, an overwhelming majority are annoyed when they see holiday pictures.
I admit that sometimes I get a little envious, particularly if I'm having a stressful week…
Show Us Your Snow [PHOTOS]
Well depending where you live here at the Jersey Shore, You may be seeing a lot of snow or much less. Regardless we'd love to see what's happening in your neighborhood and if "Ole Man Winter" paid you a visit .. show us your snow! Sen...

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