It's all about Ocean County, it's a new weekly feature I'm going to do and I'm calling it "On the Streets of Ocean County" I plan to bring you all kinds of stories and photos from people, places, and things happening here in Ocean County.


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I hope to bring you fun family day trips, history, lifestyle, and weekly observations from right here in beautiful Ocean County. Each week I'll highlight a different slice of life here in Ocean County. I'll have information for you and photos to bring these items to life for you and your family.

This time around I'm taking a look at St. Joseph's Church in Toms River. St. Joesph's Church dates back to the 1870s and became the first Catholic Church in Toms River with the first Church built circa 1882. According to St. Joseph's website  it was "under the direction and guidance of Monsignor Casimir H. Ladzinski, our pastor from 1987 to 1996, our present 1,200 seat church, was planned and built, culminating with John C. Reiss, Bishop of Trenton, dedicating and blessing it on January 9, 1993."

I have a strong connection with St. Joseph's because that is where I made my "first communion" as a child growing up here in Toms River. Funny story, for my "first communion" I received a small black and white television for my bedroom as a present....cutting edge technology for the time :) fun memories with St. Joseph's Church in Toms River, are YOU a parishioner?

Take a look at the Church and other parts of their Toms River Campus....


On the Streets of Ocean County: A Visit to St. Joseph's Church in Toms River

A look at the History and Photos of St. Joe's in Toms River


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