It slices! It dices! It purees! And now it's available at the Jackson Premium Outlets!

That's right, all of your favorite "As Seen On TV" gadgets, from Snuggies, to remote controlled toys, and much more, is just a short trip down 195 at the newest store to open at the Jackson Outlets.

Let's be honest, a lot of us have seen the commercials, but not a lot of us take the next step to actually order the wares being hawked (shipping and handling separate!). So now is your chance to check out the stuff in person, without having to worry about what you're actually getting in the mail.

I've actually bought from "As Seen On TV" stores before, I still have the "Windshield Wonder" in my car and actually do use it on a pretty regular basis.

Have you ever bought anything from a TV commercial? Was it as advertised? Comment below and let us know!