If there's one thing that we don't lack for here in Ocean County, it's shopping.

Of course we have the Ocean County Mall right here, and the Monmouth Mall and Freehold Mall only about half an hour away. If you venture outside of the Shore area, you can hardly throw a stone in New Jersey without hitting another mega-mall.

But companies like Amazon.com want to change our shopping behavior.

And I have to admit, I do a lot of my shopping online these days.

Today, Amazon is holding "Prime Day", where members of Amazon Prime can choose from literally hundreds of one day only deals. A lot of which are pretty compelling.

Part of the problem with online shopping though, and especially something like Prime Day, is impulse shopping.

Usually, when you go out to shop, you're going with something specific in mind - maybe a new outfit, a new TV, or food.

But when a really good deal pops up on your computer screen, it can be hard to resist, even if it's something that you don't really need.

So in this day and age of instant shopping right from your couch, how much are you still doing in the store? Vote on the poll below and weigh in!