What is the WORST thing you have seen a driver do this summer?
This post just screams Benny. However, I believe that shore drivers are not any better. Truthfully, the only difference that I see when it comes to driving in the off months is, well, the number of cars on the road. Look, I'm not going to sit and lie and say that I don't get angry when I am driving...
Where Should Visitors Visit?
It's been years since "Jersey Shore" was last on MTV. But still to this day, the "Jersey Shore" house and the t-shirt shop where the cast worked are among the first places that tourists stop to take pictures.
How To Spot A Tourist
We're a unique bunch here in New Jersey, and of course in Ocean County. With the Summer season in full swing, we're going to have a lot of visitors coming through. And there are a few ways that you can tell an out-of-towner from a local. Here are my top 5 "tells":
Best Kept Secrets
Don't worry, I'm not giving out any specific secrets, I'm just going to talk about those things that we, the locals know, but keep to ourselves. Take a look at the Top 5 Best Kept Shore Local Secrets, and add some of yours in the comments below!
What Tourist Habits Do You Find Rude?
We definitely know from tourists here in Ocean County. And goodness knows that almost all of us have seen less than polite tourist behavior. What tourist habits do you find to be inexcusably rude?

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