I need to preface this story with a disclaimer - I am not making this up.

When people are on vacation they tend to let loose a bit. Sometime a little too much.

Of course, a vast majority of the people and families who visit Ocean County are friendly and responsible.

But every now and then you run across someone, or a group, who maybe had a little much to drink. Maybe a person is trying to impress their friends and gets a little carried away.

I'm pretty sure that I just witnessed exactly that.

As I'm sitting in our Seaside Park studio, I noticed a crowd of people gathering on the beach after the lifeguards cleared out for the day. I got up to investigate and was pretty confused by what I saw.

It looked like a man was laying down on his back in the sand, covered in what looked like Doritos, and was letting a large group of seagulls eat the chips off of his body while his friends were all gathered around and laughing while taking photos and videos.

I wasn't sure whether I should be horrified or amused.

But, when you've spent enough time where large groups tend to gather, you'll see a lot of things that you're not sure how to react to.

That being said - what are some of the strangest things that you've seen people do in Ocean County? Comment below and share your stories!

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