It's as much a rite of passage in Ocean County as anything - sitting in summer traffic. And with the unofficial start to summer upon us, it has begun in earnest.

While I was on my way to work a little while ago, the Parkway wasn't too bad until I got close to the Toms River toll plaza. That's when the sea of white & blue and orange & blue New York plates bunched up and the brake lights came on.

Of course a big part of the problem is people who are either panicking to get out of the E-Z Pass only lanes or trying to zip over to get into the express lanes.

Of course it doesn't make much of a difference that there are plenty of signs both above, and on the roadway itself before you get to the toll plaza telling you which lanes go where.

So take a deep breath, Ocean County, it has begun, and it'll only get worse from here. It's still early on Memorial Day Friday right now!

Now is the perfect time to either practice meditative breathing or to start using your super secret alternate routes!


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