She's the love of my life- fresh, funny, truly a wonderful little soul that brings me sunshine every day! She's 11 and her life and what she does is just so funny, it's too funny not to talk about or write about!  It's all about sharing our adventures with you. Time flies.  Thanks for all of your advice through the years, Mom's we are never alone!

Ok, with young ones where do we start?  She's going to hear about it.  She's on her  phone, the computer, and of course TV.  The mass shootings in Las Vegas are hard for us adults to comprehend.  What can I possibly say to Abby about it, when I'll never understand why?  She's been to Las Vegas with me and my Mom and Dad, so she understands what that is with all the lights, the M & M Store, and lots of people.

How do I tell this innocent soul that so many people died at the hands of a horrible person, people were having fun and dancing with their friends at a music concert and  this is one of the saddest days in history of this country --- when really all she's thinking about the boy that sits next to her in Math gave her a red pen yesterday and she was so happy about that.  Or, who she's going to bring to Six Flags this weekend with us.

But, here we go.  She was on her phone making her music videos.  She was dancing around, so happy and so carefree.  I was thinking -  can't we all be so carefree.  I said, "Let's talk."  We sat next to each, she was still looking at her phone, as she always does when I say, "Let's talk".  "Put your phone down", I said.  She says, "Wow, this must be important."  I actually turned on the news and watched it with her for a little bit and starting explaining that there are some horrible people that want to hurt people.  There was a man that hurt a lot of people last night in Las Vegas.  There will always be bad people that want to hurt people, but always remember the hundreds of people that helped save lives last night.  These are the heroes that we have to remember, not the one bad person that ruined a fun night and shook the rest of us.  Remember the heroes and always be that person that is there to help.

She asked how did he hurt all those people, I said a gun.  She asked -  how is that possible, I said he was in this big hotel ( I showed her the hotel) and did it from there.  I've always been honest with her, sometimes too honest, but she can always trust me to tell her the truth and she knows that.  She asked why would someone want to hurt all those people.  I told her I'll never know why.  I said..  But remember I was telling you about the heroes, remember them.  The ones that saved lives, strangers helping out strangers and that's what this country is all about.  Remember all the good that happens.  Not the one negative that ruins it all for everyone.  She then asked where is he now, I said he shot himself after hurting all those people.  She says why didn't he just kill himself first...I said there are things we'll never know and why people do what they do.  She looked at me with her little face and said I'm sad.  She then asked will her teacher talk about it.  I said - not sure.  She then said, if he says anything about it, I'm going to tell him and everyone in my class about all the heroes that helped out and saved lots of lives.  I said perfect!

She then went back to her phone and she asked if she could put the Disney channel back on...back to normal in our house.  As normal as we can get.  She turns to me as I'm walking away and she says, "I love you Mom"--(it's no longer Mommy)  I said I love you more...she says...NO WAY!  I did my job!

I've learned kids know a lot, they can teach us some things, believe in them.  Always be honest and try to find the positive side of something horrible.  Unfortunately the horrible has been happening too much lately.  If I could keep Abby in a bubble I would, shield her from all the bad, I would just like any Mom or Dad, but that's not reality.  This is a reality now, be honest and remember -  kids do know kindness eventually wins in the end.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Las Vegas.  Peace, please!


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