This is pretty cool. Have you checked out those serial numbers on your cash?

I know I never have, maybe I should start. It's a possibility that some $5 bills could be worth more money than $5. Maybe worth thousands.

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Do you remember a little story not a real long time ago when a report was out about the U.S. Mint State Quarters with the dates of late 90's to 2008? I believe it was 1999 to 2008 quarters having a little bit more of a value than 25 cents.  Some as much as $55.

Quite bizarre, I know, but now it's the $5 bill.

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Thanks to GOBankingRates, $5 bills with certain serial numbers are sought after by collectors. These $5 bills have certain serial numbers to look out for and not the years on them like the quarters.

What exactly are you looking out for on a $5 bill?

Any kind of bills with a solid serial number, where all eight digits are identical are exceptionally rare to come by. For example, from, a bill with the serial number "G88888888A" or "B55555555C" can get a high price from collectors. And, of course only about one in 11 million notes have a solid serial number, that five bucks could have some serious value.

If you're lucky enough to have one or find one, it could be worth some money. So, I'm going to check my $5 bills, definitely.

If you have a $5 bill with a solid serial number, consider getting it appraised by a collector or a professional currency dealer. They will tell you how to sell it.

Check your serial numbers, you never know if you have a hidden treasure.

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