Is clothing optional?  At these resorts, that's a yes.

Maybe you think it's fun to go naked.

I'll never forget when we discussed the Sandy Hook naked beach and I shared that my husband and I went there.

The number of calls we received about that on the air was very funny. I was actually very surprised that many of you, our listeners, tried it out, too.

Just like us, I think you were curious and, oh boy, we saw a lot. I'm just not sure if I would feel comfortable being naked in front of people other than my husband. Nudity is so freeing. Watching a "nudist" show on Netflix, they say it's freeing. Let them all loose, was another phrase I heard in the show. What?

Curiosity and word of mouth, are usually the reasons why people explore clothing-optional resorts in general.  You never think that there is not one, close by but, multiple in close proximity to where we live.

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I had no idea about these three nudist resorts right here in the Garden State. One of them is one of the oldest nudist parks in the country and it's Hackettstown. There are two others in the state.

If you search out nudist resorts or parks, most need a membership - but some do not need it. Two in New Jersey do not need a membership. The membership nudist resort does not have one-day passes, but the other two do. Enjoy?!

There Are 3 Nudist Resorts in New Jersey

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