It's that time of year again! If you're having a hard time finding local stores with Christmas decorations and ornaments, you're not alone. 

Joanne Ingate
Joanne Ingate

In today's world, many of us lean towards online shopping, and it might seem like local shops aren't the first choice for festive items.

But don't forget about the charm of nearby stores -- they might have unique treasures to make your holiday decorating extra special. Not to mention, you'll be helping out by buying locally. 

And here's a crowd-sourced list of places mentioned by people online --here are the ones that came up most often:

  • Freehold Raceway Mall Christmas Store: They have a special store just for ornaments, giving your decorations an exclusive touch.
  • Barlows and the Christmas Shop (Opdykes at Point Pleasant Beach): Get into the festive spirit with their seasonal setups.
  • Brocks Farms (Freehold): Known for their holiday displays, this place came up multiple times as a place to go.  
  • Butler's Pharmacy (Point): Surprisingly, people are saying that this pharmacy has a wide selection of ornaments.  
  • Smithville Christmas and Candle Shop: This shop gets several mentions for its awesome holiday offerings.
Prostock-Studio, Getty Images
Prostock-Studio, Getty Images
  • Downtown Manasquan (Point Boro): Lots of great shops in this area for unique finds.
  • At Home (Brick): People are saying that his place has a large selection of ornaments.
  • Hobby Lobby: A popular recommendation as a go-to place for Christmas items.
  • Forcellatti (35 in Wall Township): This store gets a few mentions for those looking for unique decorations.
  • Destiny Thrift Shop (Brick Blvd): Recognized for its collection of Christmas items. 
ingram publishing, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
ingram publishing, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
  • Dearborn Farms (Holmdel): Another unique Christmas spot that was mentioned a few times.   
  • Blue Daisy Fashion (Drum Point Plaza in Brick): Another great option mentioned a few times for holiday shopping.

Now that you have this list go ahead and explore these local gems for the perfect ornaments to make your holiday season magical!

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