I took that picture above inside of a Toms River pharmacy and convenience store a good two and a half weeks ago. I was going to write about how Christmas was barely over and it wasn't even the new year yet, and they were already pushing Valentine's Day.

But I'm glad I didn't write about it, because it makes this display below, spotted a few days ago by a friend, even more confounding:

Photo by S. Magnusson
Photo by S. Magnuson

Yup, that is an Easter display right alongside the Valentine's Day aisle.

I like how the sign attempts to instill a sense of urgency for a holiday that's still three months away.

Actually, if we want to be exact about it, as of this writing it's over 92 days away. You can follow along with our countdown clocks by clicking here.

So, there you go, Ocean County, "Hop to it!", as the sign says! If you want your kids to have three month old chocolate in their Easter baskets (not to mention having to find somewhere to stash it for that long without digging into it yourself), there's apparently no better time than now to stock up!

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