Decorating a Christmas tree is so much fun even though it can cause a ton of arguments amongst family members that are helping decorate it. It's usually all because family members can't agree where the ornaments should go. At least with my family that is an annual argument.

There is a Christmas tree that is being sold at Home Depot that will probably change that because some family members will be busy trying to figure out how to make the Christmas tree throw out snow. According to, the home improvement retailer, Home Depot, is selling a Christmas tree that throws out fake snow.

That sounds really cool but how much of a mess does it make? From the pictures shown on the Home Depot website of the tree it really is not going to make that much of a mess. There is actually an umbrella that is under the tree preventing the Christmas tree from making a mess. The snow really just falls through the branches and trickles down into the umbrella.

It looks like a pretty cool Christmas tree that throws out snow but the rating on the Home Depot website is only 3 stars out of five. Well, there are only 4 reviews, so should we really trust those people? That's really all up to you.

The other cool thing about this tree is that it has a built-in speaker that plays "25 popular holiday tunes," according to

If you are just trying to get an affordable tree this is probably not the one. At least to me, this tree isn't cheap. It is shown on the Home Depot website that the '67 in. Snowing Musical Christmas Tree with Green Base and Snow Function' would cost you $195.91.

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