Now that Thanksgiving's come and gone, it's time to bask in the magic of the Christmas season! Well, isn't it?

Not if you're from South Jersey lol. Why? Because you know this is your mom right about now...

Chris Fleming via Facebook

Am I right? She's running around like a chicken with her head cut-off imposing absolutely impossible expectations that everyone's expected to live up to leading up to Christmas that may or may not even involve as many people as it did in the pre-pandemic world.

She means well, but she always tends to go a little nuts preparing for the holidays. Cut her a break, though. It's a lot of work. She's just trying to give everyone a magical holiday experience.

With that said, here are the 5 crazy rules South Jersey moms impose while preparing for the holidays...

Crazy Rules South Jersey Moms Enforce While Prepping For The Holidays

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