It's a story that gives new meaning to the word "Humanity" an act of kindness here at the Jersey Shore that leaves you speechless. This is a great story to share with friends that will make you smile and maybe even tear.

Patricia Kelly, of Burlington County, was diagnosed with terminal leukemia in December and her one last wish was to visit the beach she loves in Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island. The only problem was that she was too weak to walk to the beach.

This is where the Ship Bottom Police come in! Officer Ronald Holloway sprang into action. Officer Holloway arranged with Kelly's Family to drive her in the Ship Bottom Police SUV onto the beach and down to the water so she could step out and have her last wish come true! Well done Ship Bottom Police and Officer Holloway, we are grateful for your dedication and service here in Ocean County... and our prayers to the Kelly Family.

Just when you think life is getting you down along comes this story to once again make you believe that we live in a great place!

We thank the Ship Bottom Police for sharing this story on their Social Media


Guy Richard Corbin
Guy Richard Corbin

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