My first meeting with Bob dates back to circa 1983. While in college as a broadcasting major, Bob agreed to meet with me at WOBM's Bayville Studios. Bob talked with me about radio and my experiences in college. Bob was honest and told me that I wasn't ready yet, but to keep at it. He told me after listening to some of my college work "Kid, you are a diamond in the rough" and I'll always remember that because it inspired me to continue in broadcasting, and here we are after working together for 22 years. Bob and I worked on the air together, at live remote broadcasts, and I even made a few appearances with him on Topic A.

I spent many mornings with Bob and Marianne as they began their morning show together at about the same time Lisa Leonard and I began the "Early Morning Show". Lots of coffee and laughs both at our Bayville Studios and later here at Townsquare Towers in Toms River. I have spent more mornings with Bob and Marianne than some of my family... we were truly a radio family for over two decades! Sue and I have spent the last 15 years getting up early with the Levy's and the above photo is our last visit with Bob from about 2 weeks ago.

I'll always remember some of Bob's catch phrases in that Bob Levy voice: "a tragic figure", "horrific weather", and "a despicable human being". Only Bob could come up with some of these and they were true "Bob-isms".

Bob loved sports and old westerns. In fact, it was Bob who got me hooked on the old westerns and often we'd talk about them. This weekend I'll watch an old John Wayne movie and think of Bob.

Bob said he never believed in "show prep", but whether he knew it or not, he was the master of show prep. Bob would always be in early with his newspapers and coffee and would spend quite some time seeing what was going on and being ready by the time it was show time.

Bob Levy was very fortunate to do what he loved right up until the end. Not many are still pursing an active career at 86. Well done Mr. Levy, you've set the bar pretty high! RIP

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