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Sue and I have been together for nearly eighteen years now and we always love having fun and informing our 92.7 WOBM listeners on what's happening here at the Jersey Shore and in Ocean County.

Our Jersey Shore Podcast is a chance for listeners to catch up and hear some of the show they may have missed. It's a "best of" montage that you can listen to and enjoy anywhere.

Some of the topics we cover this time around include the controversy over indoor dining at New Jersey restaurants, We discuss crazy ice cream flavors with listeners....including what I think is the worst "asparagus" flavored ice cream, YUCK! The return to school this September and how Sue feels, COVID Legs....Sue Moll needs a shave, Shawn is "Home Alone" sort of and why do listeners want to treat Sue Moll like a baby?

These are just some of the topics we tackle in this edition of the Jersey Shore Podcast and we hope you enjoy and catch up with us.

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Shawn Michaels
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