Halloween safety is always first on our minds as parents.

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Thanks to Ocean County Freeholder Joseph H. Vacari for these tips:

-“As Halloween approaches, I again ask that our children, parents, and drivers pay special attention to safety so everyone can enjoy a safe and spooky holiday,” Vicari said.

- As he has done in the past, Vicari again asked parents to check the Megan’s Law website to learn about any potential sex offenders that may live in their neighborhood or neighborhoods where their children may be going door-to-door for candy. The database lists up-to-date information on all convicted sex offenders who are residents of the Garden State. Towns, counties, zip codes, and even individual streets can be easily reviewed. The database can be accessed by clicking here.

- Vicari said trick-or-treaters should consider using make-up rather than masks.  Masks may obstruct a child's vision making it difficult for them to see oncoming traffic.

- “Wear light-colored clothing or add reflective tape to darker costumes,” he said. “Always carry a flashlight at night.”

- An adult should always accompany small children when they are out trick-or-treating.  Older children should travel in groups for their safety, he said.

- “Make sure trick-or-treaters know to only approach familiar houses that have outside lights on and never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle,” he said.

- Vicari said that when possible, children should trick-or-treat in daylight hours.

- Adults should also inspect all treats before a child is allowed to eat them. Never consumer open candy or food.

- “It’s important to check every costume for a flame retardant label,” Vicari added. “Some cheap or counterfeit costumes may not be safe to wear.”

- Vicari also asked that motorists pay special attention when driving on Halloween.

- Vicari said drivers must stay alert at all times for young children who may dart in front of your vehicle unexpectedly.

- “In the excitement of the day, trick-or-treaters probably won't be paying attention to passing motor vehicles, so slow down and drive cautiously,” he said.

- Vicari said there are also a host of other options to celebrate the holiday, including community parties and the annual Toms River Halloween Parade on October 31.

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Stay safe and have a very Happy Halloween!

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