⚾️ RWJ-Barnabas Health Toms River Field of Dreams has big events coming up

⚾️ Christian Kane discusses a fun kickball competition in the works

⚾️ The community continues to grow at RWJ-BH Toms River Field of Dreams

It has been built, people have come -- come in droves to this magical and beautiful place where dreams become reality.

At the RWJ-Barnabas Health Toms River Field of Dreams, baseball games and catch are played but so are so many other fun activities for kids but also for adults of all ages.

It's a place where all are welcome and all are the same.

The legend of this magical stretch of land continues to grow and people continue to head on in for new memories, friendships, and much more.

(Photo Courtesy: Christian Kane/Photo: PatrickSchneiderPhoto.com)
(Photo Courtesy: Christian Kane/Photo: PatrickSchneiderPhoto.com)

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Christian Kane has worked hard for years to turn this idea he had into a reality with his wife Mary for their son Gavin and all the other kids out there to play ball, have fun, be like everyone else.

There are some new and exciting events, games, and more coming up this spring and into the summer months.

⚾️ Christian Kane joined me on Shore Sports Talk on 94.3 The Point on Sunday morning to discuss what's to come and it's all for you and everyone you know.

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