So Kris Allen has a new album , lets take a look....Or should I say a listen

So Kris Allen , Winner of American Idol in 2009 , has a new album "Thank You Camellia". As Sue explained yesterday "Camellia" is a street, not a person. Allen crashed on the couch of friends when making the album and they live on Camellia Avenue. Allen says it was a better feeling than staying at a hotel or renting an apartment. It’s Allen’s second album and he feels this one represents him better than his debut. He says he had four months to make that album after winning “American Idol,” but he had two and a half years to make “Thank You Camellia.”

So looking at Kris Allen IO hear a cross between Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Allen is the "eclectic" Idol. Daughtry is rock, David Cook & Adam Lambert are pop...But Allen is funky.

"Vision of Love" seems to be the albums first single and it's a good song featuring Allen's wonderful falsetto and a hopeful message of caring. I personally think " Rooftop " is my personal fav and the opening number "Better With You" is very good. The album is a good one and expands on his debut. It's the kind of album you put on when you have a long drive and you just drift through song after song. What I like about Allen is he is less pop and more funk, doesnt wear out as quick as some other "Idol" alumni. A nice blend of acoustic guitar and piano. It's a refreshing album that I give it "2 thumbs up "

By the way kinda funny he has the "puppy" with him, alot like Rick Springfield back in the day, remember he has his doggy with him too!

Enjoy "Thank You Camellia" this Summer