Shawn's post this week about the invention of the phonograph got me thinking about how much times and technology have changed.  Nowadays we're listening to music on our computers, phones, and other portable devices, in addition to the radio and CD players.  Back then, when you wanted to repeat a favorite song, you'd have to get out of the chair and either lift and replace the record player needle or push the rewind button.  Now a simple push of an arrow button will take you where you want to go.  Vanity Fair is out with an article about "Time Consuming Problems From the 80s That No Longer Exist."  They include running out of storage room on your floppy disk and peeling perforated ends off paper after using a dot matrix printer.  Since we'll be kicking off another Jersey Shore Flashback Weekend soon, why not read the article and then add to the list in the Comments section below!