How would you rate Jersey Shore roadways ?


The Reason Foundation has come out with their 22nd Annual Highway Report and it's not good news for New Jersey drivers. Jersey ranked 49th in the U.S. in condition and cost-effectiveness. Think about that, only Alaska finished behind New Jersey and half their road are dirt ? Take a look at the breakdown ....

  • 3rd in fatality rate
  • 36th in deficient bridges
  • 28th in rural Interstate pavement condition
  • 43rd in urban Interstate pavement condition
  • 50th in urbanized area congestion

New Jersey ranks 50th in total disbursements per mile and 46th in administrative disbursements per mile.

I think we can all agree that the Garden State Parkway is the best large road here at the Jersey Shore and with improvements now pretty much completed in our area its a really good roadway. Route 195 I think is also a good road if your heading west. Route 9 is a mess in some areas depending on where your traveling. I think it's our local residential roads that are the worst. The trip from my house to the Parkway is usually the hardest on my SUV. I'd rate Parkway good, local roads bad.



What are your thoughts on Jersey Shore roadways .....

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