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Shawn Michaels

Tuesday Point Pleasant Beach  Mayor Paul Kanitra indicated that the boroughs northern beach and boardwalk will begin to re-open this Friday, May 29th.

"This morning, the Mayor, Chief of Police, Borough Administrator and Head of Public Works toured the boardwalk with business owners and their security personnel to make final decisions on the logistics needed for social distancing. At this meeting, it was determined that the proper pieces were in place for an opening of our boardwalk and northern beaches on Friday May 29th." ~ Mayor Paul Kanitra


The Borough said that along with the re-opening will be safe social distancing practices. Rides, games and amusements remain closed by order of Governor Murphy. Restaurants will be open for takeout only.

According to the Borough's Facebook .... Private businesses will be helping by providing social distancing ambassadors along the areas where they service visitors.

Hand sanitizing stations have been set up at every beach access point and signage will be going up shortly.

As far as parking .... on Friday May 29th parking restrictions will be partially scaled back to allow for private and public lots to be opened. Friday, June 5th, they will be repealed completely.

Point Pleasant Beach welcomes YOU back this weekend for their 132nd Anniversary.....be safe and enjoy

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