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If you have been living in Ocean County and never have been to this classic diner, I have no idea where you have been because Sand Castle Diner on Route 9 in Beachwood has some of the best food out there!

I have been going to this place ever since I was a little kid (I even remember the renovations a few years back!). I love this place so much it was apart of my very first blog here on 92.7 WOBM, which you can see here.

Right now, I am obsessed with their Ruben sandwich. I am not totally sure if they make their own french fries, but either way, the fries that I have had at Sand Castle really top the list for me. They're crunchy and never too oily.

Sandcastle Diner Food (posted by Stacey Chiatto)
Sand Castle Diner Food (posted by Stacey Chiatto)

Like I said earlier, Sand Castle is a classic diner serving classic diner food, but you can get a steak or fish if you're in that type of mood and I will tell you that it's totally worth it because the cooks in that place are magical (lol).

One of the things that I love about Sand Castle is the atmosphere, even before their renovations it was always a great place to eat in decor-wise, it's comforting and calm and reminds you of the Jersey Shore.

The waitresses and waiters are amazing and some of the best in the industry. They will take care of you and get the food out VERY quick. Not only that, but some of them do have a sense of humor and are very funny!

If you have never been to Sand Castle Diner on Route 9 in Beachwood (just before the QuickChek) I highly recommend going there and trying the food. Like right now. Don't cook... GO!

Let us know in the comments how much YOU love Sand Castle Diner! Also be sure to let Mark Anthony know what Ocean County diner he should put on the "spotlight" next!

Happy Eating!



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