Welcome to the Ocean County Diner Spotlight! This is going to be a fun and exciting blog series about food! Everything you see in this article is of the opinion of Mark Anthony and may not reflect the views of Townsquare Media, 92.7 WOBM or their advertisers.

Poppy's Place (Facebook)

I have to say that I am very excited to write about Poppy's Place! Their slogan is "A Blast From The Past" and that is EXACTLY what it is! Have you ever dined in a place and couldn't stop looking around? That's exactly what you will do at Poppy's Place!

While I am not totally certain, I would have to say that the diner is 60's themed and as soon as you walk in, you could tell by the red seats, tables, and checkered walls. I also thought that it was a great time to put Poppy's Place in the "Spotlight" since yesterday was National Record Store Day! I say that because everywhere you look, you can see vinyl records hanging up on the walls!

Poppy's Place (Facebook)

Okay. So now that I have convinced you that the atmosphere is awesome, now comes the most important part:

When it comes to the food, I only have one word: delicious. When I am in the mood for a cheeseburger, I always make my way to Poppy's Place. I like mushrooms on my burger and unlike every other diner I have been to, Poppy's LOADS them on! I mean come on, that's a GOOD burger. Poppy's Place is actually a family favorite and my mother says that the coffee (of all things) is the best she ever had.

Poppy's Place is located in Toms River, walking distance from Huddy Park, and is only open for breakfast and lunch. Be sure to drop in and give them a try and follow them on social media.

Do you love Poppy's Place as much as I do? What Ocean County diner should be in the "Spotlight" next week? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Eating!