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I have mentioned in a number of random blogs that I have written, that I absolutely love Bandwagon Diner on Route 37 East in Toms River… or what normal people call it “Mr. Breakfast”. This place was a blast from my childhood. Every weekend my parents would take my brother and I to Seaside Heights and the first stop was always “Mr. Breakfast” to grab a bite before we went over the bridge.

The Bandwagon Diner has a very homey atmosphere and I can guarantee that you will feel very comfortable eating at this establishment. I have always said that when you ANYWHERE to eat, it’s 50% the food, and 50% the atmosphere.


One of the biggest reasons why my parents would always stop at Bandwagon was because of the affordability. The at this diner are extremely modest, to the point were my parents would always feel bad and tip over 50%. I was there over the weekend, and I thought the same thing… it’s like I couldn’t leave without paying more… I’ll be honest, that’s the first time I ever felt like that about something (lol).

Alright, so we just have to talk about the food. I have been trying to think of different words to describe the food every week, and I think the best word to fit Bandwagon Diner is scrumptious. The food is impeccable for an American style diner. One of my favorite things to get from Bandwagon is the Country Omelette. It’s a three-egg omelette that comes with sausage, potato, tomatoes, and American cheese (sounds delicious, right?).

Now if you though “Mr. Breakfast” ONLY serves breakfast, you my friend, are wrong. Bandwagon serves up LUNCH and DINNER too! For lunch, they serve anything from salad platters, to burgers and hot dogs and wraps. For dinner, you can get penne, chicken, veal, pork chops and so so much more. They even have seafood! Gosh, I am getting hungry just from writing this. And once again, the prices are super affordable even during dinnertime.

I have to say, I have been to a lot diners during this campaign I have been doing, but I have to say that Bandwagon Diner has always been close to my heart, and every time I walk through the door it takes me back to my very high-calorie childhood (lol).

If you haven’t given Bandwagon Diner (Mr. Breakfast) a try yet, I most definitely recommend you give it a try, because you will be satisfied.

Happy Eating!

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