Today is a special day to recognize the people we work with who are sort of like superheroes:  Administrative Professionals, Assistants, and Secretaries.  To those of you who hold those titles and keep things running smoothly, thank you!

In Sue's blog post from earlier, you'll see there's a space for you to give a shout out to your office Admin.  But in this post, I thought it would be nice to find out WHY you do the work you do.  What is it about your job that you enjoy each day?

Do you like helping people?  Do you like being "in the know" about everything?  Do you like the variety of tasks so the workday goes quickly?

I've spent time working at reception desks and always enjoyed talking to people.  And as the person who received all the mail, I'd flip through the magazines during the slow periods.  But I know it can also be high stress, especially with multiple phone lines ringing, and everyone needing everything "now!"

Those of you who handle those challenges with grace and calm, like Townsquare's Joyce and Katie, have a gift for what you do!  Kudos to all of you Administrative Professionals.  I hope you enjoy your special day!