If you have ever walked in or out of a store more than once in your life, odds are you have realized adults can't follow simple signs...

I handle most of the food shopping for me and my fiance, mostly because I really love going food shopping. I find it oddly relaxing.

However, there are a few things that my fellow shoppers do that drive me up a wall.

I could take you on a long journey as I ramble on and on about these habits...like people who don't put their carts in one of those cart areas in the parking lots...but I digress.

Stop Walking In Store Exits

My dear, dear fellow shoppers, I beg of you to follow the enter and exit signs at stores.


I don't see people walking out of entrances often, but the amount of people who walk in the exits... It's a problem.

When you walk into a store through the exit, you disrupt the flow of traffic and if the store is busy you are causing a bit of a headache for your fellow patrons.

I am a Jersey Girl, which means I can be a tad spiteful and stubborn.

If I am rolling my cart through the exit doors and you are waltzing in the same door, I am not walking around you. It is your responsibility to walk around me, I fully plan on staying on course.

I will not be pulling my cart over to the side nor will I be stopping to let you walk in.

Most exit doors even have signs that say "Do Not Enter" on the outside so you know they are exit doors. Read the signs and walk the 7 feet over to the entrance like everyone else...

I can't be the only one who feels unreasonably (or reasonably) annoyed by this right?

This felt like a good venting/therapy session, thank you for indulging me.

What else annoys you at the food store?

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