Whether you need to grab something quick, or you're doing your weekly grocery shopping, these are the supermarkets you said were the BEST in Ocean County!

Everyone's got a go-to store when it comes to food shopping - maybe it's out of convenience, maybe it's super clean, or the staff is friendly and attentive. I asked you on our 92.7 WOBM Facebook page where your go-to supermarket in Ocean County is, and why, and you did not disappoint!

What's your Go-To Supermarket in Ocean County, and why? You'll see your responses in a future blog post!

Posted by 92.7 WOBM on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Shoprite was a clear favorite across many towns, but Trader Joe's, Aldi, and Lidl got some mentions too. Check out the raving reviews from your fellow Ocean County grocery shoppers, and see if your local store made the list:

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"Shop rite in Wall. Great variety and fresh" (Trish in Point Pleasant Beach)
"Shop Rite in Manahawkin!! Always friendly always fresh !!" (Jo Ann in Tuckerton)
"Trader Joe’s in Brick! Hands down. Everything is amazing in that store." (Andrew in Lakewood)
"Lacey Shop Rite. Great prices. Friendly staff and workers behind courtesy in Deli, pharmacy, and sandwich makers. As well as being the closest to my house." (Maryann in Forked River Beach)
"Shop rite in Brick! Super easy to find things and the selection and prices are great!" (Nicoletta in Brick)
"Stop & Shop in Jackson. It's close to home, I know where everything in the store is and can get done quickly & easily." (Jennifer in Jackson)
"Shoprite on Fischer. Great prices, love the digital coupons, really friendly workers, and the cart guys are awesome, especially David!" (Jennifer in Toms River)
"Fischer ShopRite. I love the manager." (Taneil, no town listed)
"ShopRite in Jackson. The prices are great, and it's not very crowded." (Laura, no town listed)
"Aldi & Lidl in Lacey. You can't beat their prices and their produce is always fresh. Also they're less crowded and I get in and out quickly." (Beverly, no town listed)
"Walmart go to fast easy to get in it’s not too many people in early in the morning" (Linda, no town listed)
"Stop n Shop Whiting. i know where everything is and its a mile from the house. the meats and produce are top quality." (Russell, no town listed)

Next time you need to grab food, check out one of these top notch supermarkets!

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