You can add this to your list of late-night snacks.

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Word on the street is, Klondike is adding some yummy new treats to their line of desserts. gave the heads up that they're now selling shakes in a pouch - which sounds both amazing and innovative! So far, they'll only be available in Chill Out & Vanilla and Wind Down & Chocolate flavors (which both sound great by the way)

My favorite part about these is that they're in a cute little pouch. So you don't have to fumble around in your drawers looking for a scoop and then wake everyone up when you use your blender. It looks like you can just unscrew the little cap and sip (although Delish notes the directions say to wait 3 minutes before sipping). Absolutely no one will know you're snacking. It's a genius.

So when can you get these spectacular frozen treats? You'll find em in Ocean County supermarkets starting this February! That's right around the corner - score. I really hope these take off and we can see some more flavors for these babies, like possibly strawberry, or maybe something fun like mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream!

Will you be making room in your freezer for these Shakes in a Pouch?

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