It’s a new year and a new time slot for me, or rather a return to an old time slot. 

I’m looking forward to keeping you company while you’re at work.  Thanks for welcoming me back! Other than adjusting my sleep schedule to make sure I not only AM awake but SOUND awake by 10am, moving back to middays is like slipping in to an old pair of comfortable slippers.  I’m hoping our time together in the daylight hours will be comfortable and fun, with a whole lot of great music throughout.  I'm especially excited about hosting the Ocean County Cafe again!  Is there a song from the 70s or 80s you'd like me to play?  Tell me about it through and I'll do my best to play it for you weekdays between noon and 1pm.   I look forward to being a friendly voice filling your office space, especially on those days when your boss is being grumpy and you rely on your radio to make your work day more bearable. Finally, let's give a big group hug to Joanne Cruise who is a broadcaster and human being who I admire very much.  Here’s to her moving forward fearlessly!