As I'll be signing off the air today, I thought it might be nice for me to recap my WOBM story and answer some questions I often get asked:

How did I decide on a career in broadcasting?  I gave a speech in 6th grade, running for Student Council.  I spoke into the microphone in the school auditorium in front of the whole student body.  At the end of the presentations, some teachers came up and complimented me on my speech.  They said I spoke very clearly.  One teacher in particular said I should consider using my voice professionally someday.   That planted the seed.  I started paying attention to the women I was seeing on TV and hearing on the radio.  I decided then that I'd go to college for communications and would some day work in broadcasting.

What other jobs have I held?  I was a radio news anchor at various stations in Upstate New York.  I did radio traffic reporting in San Diego.  I also did TV news work just north of San Diego but the job wasn't a good fit and it was in the midst of a divorce so that's when I moved back East.

How did I land in Ocean County?  I moved in with my parents in Toms River for what was supposed to be a temporary pit-stop while I figured out what I wanted the new chapter in my life to look like.

How did I land at WOBM?  Not knowing anyone in town except for relatives, I reached out to Phil Gregory who at the time worked at WOBM News.  Phil and I had both worked in news in New York so I asked if we could meet for coffee and a chat.  Little did I know he had arranged for me to be interviewed by News Director Doug Doyle which led to an unexpected job offer at WOBM.

Why am I leaving?  To focus on achieving some goals for the new year.  I want to grow my voiceover business (recording commercials, narrations, on-hold messages, etc.) I also want to fully restore my health and strength after getting Lyme Disease.

So now, here it is, 22 years later and I'm hosting my final midday shift.  It's a bittersweet day.  I will miss my wonderful work family and I will miss you, the WOBM listeners.

THANK YOU so much.  For everything!

Happy New Year!




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