Temperatures have been up and down in New Jersey, but we all know it's going to get colder.

The next couple of days will not be warming up. Start planning ahead now.

Thank goodness we are in the double digits still, but the feels like temp is always lower. Recently, I saw temperatures rising next week, thank goodness. But, if it's going to be cold, there might as well be a little bit of snow on the ground.

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chalabala getty images

We usually have a lot of things to think about when it's freezing outside. Does our heat work in our homes, does our heat work in our car? Thinking of our vehicles, do you have any of these in your car when it's as cold as it is? I know I've been guilty of having a couple of these.

Thanks to usatoday.com, they listed these six items that should be removed from your vehicle if it's a below freezing temperature. Some common sense, yes but we all have to be reminded.

6 Things New Jerseyans Should Never Leave in Car When It's Freezing

#1 - Medications - Medications should never get overly cold or hot, unless told to be refrigerated.

#2 - Canned Foods - This one surprises me a little bit. The water in canned foods can expand in the cold and break the seal of the canned food.

#3 - Cell Phone / Electronics - I've done this one, especially in the heat. But cell phones should not be left in a freezing cold car. The screen could crack and the cold messes up the battery. The phone will shut off in the freezing cold.

#4 - Bottled liquids - I've left soda bottles in my car in the cold and you guessed it, it exploded. It happened to me, it can happen to you. Soda is the worst, or something sticky.

#5 - Musical Instruments - I had no idea about this one. In a cold car the musical instrument can drift out of tune and a wooden could crack from the cold temperatures.

#6 - (I'm so guilty of this one) A low gas tank - We all know, this is common sense that the gas could freeze. I just went and filled up my car. Also the fluids in your car are always smart to check, also.

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