Hate is a harsh word, but New Jersey is always the butt of all the jokes, but we are not the most hated state, I believe we used to be.

I don't know why, we are fun, yes loud, but a fun state. It takes a strong person to live in New Jersey and we all do it.

Some people just have strong opinions and people really dislike the state they live in. Whether it's the job they're doing or of course the taxes and I know ours are high in New Jersey.

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Some states also make not nice neighbors, according to this national poll on most hated states in the US.

According to zippia, here's how they figured this out. They pretty much figured it out through three metrics:

  • The percent of residents who say the state is the “worst possible state to live in”
  • The states with the biggest decrease in population
  • Nationwide, the number of other states who say they hate a state the most

To find out the state each state hates the most, we used numbers from an Instagram poll where a user asked his 300,000 followers to spill the dirt. The more states in the US that hate a specific state, the more hated the state.

We then rounded and ranked all these numbers together to find the most hated states. - zippia.com

What is the #1 hated state in the US?

Illinois is the most hated state. New Jersey came in second and New York came in third as the most hated state in the US. At least we're not number one, thank goodness.

From the website zippia.com
From the website zippia.com

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