So this particular survey is one you probably won't be happy to be a part of unless you have a decent bank account to help out. Stacker has an article that focuses on 10 of the most expensive states to live in. "You get a job offer with an incredible-sounding salary, but how far will that money go in the place you'd have to live? Before you move, whether for a job or another reason, knowing just how far your income will take you when factoring in the cost of living is helpful."


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So where does New Jersey rank nationally regarding the most expensive states to live in? "The most expensive states are primarily on the coasts, particularly in the West and Northeast. The cost of living tends to be lower in the Midwest and South." According to the Stacker article here are the Top 9:

9. Maine

8. New Jersey

7. Oregon

6. Maryland

5. Alaska

4. New York

3. California

2. Massachusetts

1. Hawaii


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So New Jersey is ranked 8th, "Apartment rents in New Jersey have spiked, particularly in Jersey City. Many New Yorkers have relocated across the Hudson River to this city for more space with the same urban feel and relative accessibility to New York. Other parts of the state have cheaper housing, but overall, housing costs are considerably higher than the U.S. average." Juan Mayobre Juan Mayobre


So how do you feel about the cost of living here in Jersey? Do you think it's high or do you think it's on par for living in the northeast? Two things that usually come up when it comes to living in New Jersey are "property taxes" and "insurance". How do you feel about rent? Does our income keep up with the cost of living here in the Garden State? Let us know what you think and post your comments below.

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