Let me begin by sayin ... I DO NOT agree with this survey and I'm tired of New Jersey always being the punching bag for the rest of the nation! A new POLL out by wallethub has New Jersey ranked as the "least" patriotic state in America! We have been a big part of America since the beginning as one of the original 13 colonies and we played a pivotal roll in the Revolutionary War! General Washington spent many days, months and years in the Garden State while defeating the British. So now with all that said we are last now when it comes to pride in our country ... Boooo! I see "pride" in every town ... Virginia was ranked as the MOST patriotic state.


The pollsters used criteria like active military members and veterans per capita . . . the percentage of people who voted in the primaries . . . the volunteering rate . . . and even how often people do Google searches for American flags.


So lets hear what you have to say ..... now it's New Jersey's time to be heard! SOUND OFF .... I'm tired of the Jersey-Bashing!!!! Oh and by the way .... Happy 4th of July!

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