New Jersey always gets a bad wrap as a "toxic" place , usually from those who have never been here and seen our beautiful State! Check out this latest survey ....

If they held a power plant pollution Olympics and states “won” medals for being home to the most toxic emissions, the gold, silver and bronze would go to Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively. That’s the conclusion of a new report out from the Natural Resources Defense Council ranking the “Toxic 20” states in terms of pollution from coal- and air-fired power plants. Starting with the worst, the list includes:


1. Kentucky 11. Tennessee
2. Ohio 12. Virginia
3. Pennsylvania 13. South Carolina
4. Indiana 14. Alabama
5. West Virginia 15. Missouri
6. Florida 16. Illinois
7. Michigan 17. Mississippi
8. North Carolina 18. Wisconsin
9. Georgia 19. Maryland
10. Texas 20. Delaware

Notice New Jersey is nowhere on this list !

There is some good news in the “Toxic 20” report – there was a 19% drop in all air toxics emitted from power plants in 2010 compared to the previous year