Are We Terrible Slobs at the Jersey Shore?
The definition of a slob is “a person who is lazy and has low standards of cleanliness” and is this the case for many ? Let’s face it the litter didn’t end up on the ground through any fault of nature ….. it is US!
Are We This Lazy?
When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier ~ Roy E. Disney
I was out Saturday morning doing some errands this weekend, when I drove past an area here at the Jersey Shore that actually made me stop. I asked ...
Ocean County Clean-Up
I travel all over the country speaking to young people, and I am always amazed at how engaged in environmental conservation they are. ~ Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
Today my Wife and I had the chance to take part in a neighborhood clean-up....of the "Gre...
DEP Calms Cloudiness Concerns
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is once again working to calm concerns over cloudy water in the Barnegat Bay.
Testing by the Bureau of Marine Water Quality Monitoring this week found that the water from outfall pipes in Seaside Heights and Seaside Heights met federal and…

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