I was new to Toms River in the fall of 1996.  Living with my parents, and having just been hired by WOBM, I was eager to check out the big event I had heard about: the Halloween Parade. There in the crowd was Bob Levy. THE Bob Levy. The guy who hosted the hugely popular Sunday morning talk show. The man EVERYONE in Ocean County listened to, whether they agreed with him or not. I had heard about this radio legend, and actually felt nervous meeting him.

I got up the courage to introduce myself as the new employee and we chatted for a few minutes. What I remember most was his saying how he never "preps" for the show. That statement made me more awestruck than I already was. Wow, I was so green and HAD to prep so that I'd know what to say on the air. He was the voice of experience.  He was so smart and up to date on current events. He had a treasure trove of Ocean County history in his brain. He could just go on the air live and take the calls as they came. He did what every radio host hopes to do:  listen and talk, and keep the listener engaged. He has a career to be proud of.

When he started hosting a weekday show with his wife Marianne, I got to know Bob better. I saw that less-gruff side that many of my colleagues are talking about today. I saw his warmth and his wit. And I'm grateful to have shared all those mornings with him. THE Bob Levy will be missed.


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