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This week my Dad passed away, at nearly 90 years old he saw and did a lot during his life. I thought I’d share some history, stories and photos.

Ironic he passed just days before Father’s Day. He did pass due to natural (Non-Covid) causes and was comfortable and at peace at the time of his death. Want to say thank you to the Frontline Workers who cared for him til the end during these very “different” times due to COVID. We did get to see him before his death, not all have been able to during COVID. So again to health care workers.....Thank You.

My Dad grew up in Madison, New Jersey in Morris County. Let’s begin there.

Following High School the Korean War became a part of American History. My Dad served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Sanborn.

Next big event led to my existence.....my Dad and Mom getting married. My parents were married for 58 years


Dad owned his own business for years, Ocean Cleaning Service. He ended his working days at Ocean County College, part of the building’s and grounds & athletic departments. He loved traveling with the teams and being a part of the sporting events. “Coach Al” was a big Viking fan. We are trying to figure out what to do with his satin (vintage) OCC jacket.


Shawn Michaels


Dad loved his sports. He was a huge Mets, Giants, Devils, Nets fan. Basically Dad watched two things on television.... news & sports. He coached his Little League team to the championship in Toms River during the 70’s. Dad coached his Pop Warner team to the championship in the early 80’s. He loved sports and it was a big part of his life, right til’ the end. In fact the last time we talked on the phone he was sad because he felt baseball would not play this year due to COVID.


Hope you enjoyed a “Father’s Day Tribute” and Happy Father’s Day to all our 92.7 WOBM Dad’s

My Dad was a feisty guy who had some great stories to tell. He will be missed.

One final achievement he was proud of was when he won a seat on his Township Government. I can still remember him going around the neighborhoods campaigning on his bike....as he put “it a real grass roots campaign” ...... an he won the election!

Love ~ Shawn


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