We'll we discussed the "worst"  traffic intersections in Ocean County and here is some response from our WOBM Listeners ....

Dan wrote: Anyplace there is jughandle, the worst piece of traffic engineering since cars were invented!
Meg wrote: Korman’s corner in Bayville
Freddy wrote: Route 37 and Hooper is the devil!
Dianne wrote: The jug handle @ Rt 37 & Rt 9 is usually a nightmare...far worse in the Summer!
Dawn wrote: Anywhere in Lakewood
Mike wrote: New Hampshire Ave and Pine Street, Lakewood
Doreen wrote: Corner of Fischer coming onto Hooper towards Brick. Now there's a line of traffic to yield onto Hooper. Obviously someone did a poor job designing this mess.
Paul wrote: Summer season - all of them! Off season - most of them.


So now here is the next part of our conversation ..... which is worse .... I find the jughandles slow to get through, but the circles more of a pain ... so my vote the circle!



The "Jug Handle"

Here's an example of the jughandle at Route 37 and Hooper ave in Toms River





Circle 1

The "Traffic Circle"

Here's the circle in Manchester ... Route 37 and Route 70




So time to vote which do you hate more the "jughandle" or the "circle"  ?

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