Meet Marie the Jersey Shore's Latest Centenarian!

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Let me set the stage, Marie Savignano is the latest to join the 100+ club here at the Jersey Shore. Marie was born in 1918! When Marie was born WWI was ending, Woodrow Wilson was President, the Model T was the most popular car and the toaster was invented!

Marie grew up in the Bronx, her Dad delivered ice in NYC .... the ice truck was horse drawn! Her Grandparents and Parents came from Italy in the 1800's. Marie got her first car in 1941 and she thinks television was the biggest invention for her her lifetime. Yes growing up in the Bronx Marie was a Yankee fan and her favorite player ....Babe Ruth!

I was invited to visit with Marie at her 101st Birthday Party at Spring Oak Assisted & Independent Living Facility in Toms River. I want to thank Dawn Casanovas and Staff for the invite. I sat down with Marie to talk and wish her a very Happy Birthday!



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