I love Peeps, so I thought I have to try this smoothie drink from QuickChek.

Peeps are my very favorite Easter candy. I took my daughter with me to try. She's a very fussy eater and doesn't eat Peeps, so I was looking forward to her tasting it.

The Peeps Smoothie was a bright yellow, creamy drink. The sugar that's on all around a Peep was sprinkled on the top of it.

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The consistency of the smoothie was very surprising. It was like eating a Peep. I could literally taste the hard sugar after taking a sip. I couldn't believe how close to drinking a Peep smoothie was like eating a real Peep.

My 15 year old really liked it, remember she's fussy and doesn't eat Peeps. She thought it tasted exactly like a rice krispie treat. I was totally surprised, she said she'd get it again. And, she drank the whole thing.

As for me, the one that "loves" Peeps, it was good - but it wasn't like eating a real Peep. There are several "PEEP" things out there, especially now because of Easter, QuickCheck did a really great job of getting it very, very close to an actual Peep. For me, I don't usually like drinks as things that I eat. I rather have the actual Peep. The smoothie was definitely thick like a marshmallow, sugary, a smelled just like an actual Peep.

If you are PEEPS crazy like me, I think you'll like it. Even if you're not, try it anyway, you might just love it, like my kid.

Did you try the Peep Smoothie from QuickChek? Will you?

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