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Brick QuickChek Is Opening This Week!
A few weeks ago we gave you the latest information that we had on a pair of new QuickChek gas stations and convenience stores that are going up in Ocean County - Route 70 & Brick Blvd in Brick, and Fischer Blvd & Route 37 in Toms River.
TR & Brick QuickChek's Openings
As Ocean County gets ready for the grand opening of a pair of new QuickChek gas stations and stores at key intersections in the county, we're getting a little more clarity on when we can expect business to begin.
QuickChek Coming To Toms River
Like Starbucks in the 90s, it seems like every time you turn around in Ocean County these days, there's a new QuickChek going up.
And in the not too distant future, there will be a new one at one of the busiest intersections at the whole shore.
Brick QuickChek Rises
It's been 8 months since we first started following the developments at Brick Boulevard and Route 70 in the heart of one of the busiest sections of Ocean County, as a new QuickChek has been taking shape.

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