Learning how Manchester police used a Taser to subdue a woman apparently trying to commit suicide, a township 93-year-old donates the money to let the department buy another.

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Betty Bulbach and her son-in-law, Richard Orme, presented the check to Patrol Bureau Commander, Lieutenant James Komsa, on June 19, police said.

Betty caught the article that described how the Conducted Energy Device (CED) was employed in March, a mater of days after the department's shipment of 20 arrived, when a township woman slashed her arms and neck with a knife.

She began researching how to go about buying one for the department, police said, and engaged her son-in-law to contact Lt. Komsa. CED purchases are limited to law enforcement agencies.

Police said that the unit will be fully-equipped and will go into immediate use. Tasers are increasingly being employed as a means of diffusing situations without resorting to gunfire.

Donations are managed by the non-profit Manchester Township Police Foundation, which funds youth and community programs, police charities, education, training, and specialized technology. Find out more about it through the Community Outreach tab, Police Foundation portal, at the Manchester PD web site.

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