Every once in a while I have a segment that touches on several subjects which I call “A little of this and a little of that.”  Today is one of those days:

I often complain about how customer service is no longer important when it comes to many places but a recent occurrence at a Beachwood restaurant proves that some do get it.  In a Facebook post a woman wrote about dining with her husband for the first time at the Stone Fire Grille.  After dinner they ordered espresso and ice cream and the waitress brought the drink but the owner soon came out and apologized for not having the ice cream because they had not received their delivery. He then insisted on running across the street to Mister Softee where he purchased ice cream and brought it back to the very surprised customer.  Now that is customer service.

If you've lived in Toms River for a while you have certainly heard of Phil’s Liquor Locker which occupied the corner of Kettle Creek Road and Hooper Avenue for many years.  It was replaced by Charlie Brown’s for years and now is Roxy’s Bar and Grille.  Back in the day Phil’s was known as a true local “joint” and Sundays were very popular when “The Mangos” played there.  The owner until the end was Phil Forgione who passed away last week at the age of 94.  Family and friends will gather to pay their respects today from 4-8pm at Silverton Memorial Funeral Home…just a good fairway wood away from his old bar.

Phil's Liquor Locker
Phil's Liquor Locker

I am one of the many diehard Penn State football fans who thought this was the year we would finally beat Ohio State.  Boy was I wrong!  I expect a similar result against Michigan in a few weeks.


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