With Halloween 2020 only days away, thoughts turn to the spooky and unexplained, which I figured would be a perfect time to share some of my stranger experiences with ghost hunting.

A few days ago I told you about why I got into ghost hunting in the first place more than a decade ago.

In a nutshell, it's my way of saying "prove it".

I'm open-minded and willing to consider "proof", but I'm also cynical and have to see (or hear) it for myself to believe it.

That being said, I've definitely had some experiences over the years that I just can't explain logically, most of it coming from things that were captured on audio.

Here are just a few of those experiences:


5 Strange Paranormal Recordings from Justin Louis

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not presenting these recordings as concrete proof of an afterlife, but I can say this of all of these examples - I genuinely can't explain them.

Maybe there's a good explanation for all of these; digital interference, power of suggestion, and on and on. All I can do is tell you what was going on when I was in the room, show you the things that I couldn't explain, and let you draw your own conclusions.

You can get more of our Ocean County Paranormal content by clicking here.

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