When I bring up German-based grocery chain Lidl here at the Shore, most of us are already familiar with the saga that's been playing out in Lacey Township over the last two years.

But, this tantalizing tale brings us just a little further up Route 9. 

Credit where it's due, my colleague Matt Ryan on our sister station 94.3 The Point caught wind of a discussion on the "Howell Happenings" Facebook page that's full of mysterious teases, leaving us with more questions than answers.

At least officially.

The story goes like this:

As we all know, the Best Buy on Route 9 in Howell closed shop late last year, leaving a prime piece of Shore shopping real estate vacant.

This is where sharp eyed web surfers pick up the thread, spotting the following illustration on the website of a commercial real estate developer:

As quickly as it went up though, it was gone.

If you head over to Paramount Realty's page for Howell Plaza as of this writing, it's back to showing the now shuttered Best Buy.

Did someone let a secret slip?

Well, right now nobody is saying anything on the record so we'll have to keep wondering, but don't be surprised if we find out that another Lidl grocery store will call the Shore home in the not too distant future.

We'll of course keep you updated when (and if) it becomes official.


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