I was all prepared to write a blog today about pantyhose and how I miss them and want to be able to wear them again, especially during the cold winter.  I was expecting to have to defend myself for taking an unpopular stand.  I knew that hosiery had gone out of style years ago.  But the truth is, my legs get cold.  And they're pale.  Those seem like two good reasons to put on the nylons.

When I did some research on the topic, however, I got a very pleasant surprise.  Pantyhose are not taboo any longer!  Paula Abdul recently wore some at a fashion show in New York City.  We've seen Duchess Kate pairing hose with her royal dresses.

Vogue online says that "fashion diehards love a good throwback moment, so if it's good enough for Paula Abdul...perhaps it's good enough for us all."

I smiled when I read that.  If the fashionistas at Vogue are basically giving us permission to wear pantyhose, we should do it!  Let's make nylons a thing again!  Let's get rid of the unfair stigma that they are only for the old or unfashionable.  Let's be comfortable and warm on cold winter days and nights!

How do you feel about pantyhose (at least in the winter)?  Yay?  Or Nay?

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