The last time I shopped for a prom dress, it was 1984.  It was blue taffeta and I loved it.  Well here is 2018, it seems that gowns are much more "adult" and much more expensive than what I remember.

Parents, have your daughters begun their search for a prom dress yet?  I know a few moms who are freaking out about the cost of dresses.  They can't justify paying several hundreds of dollars for something a student will wear once or maybe twice.  I totally get their concerns.  But I know teenage girls can have their hearts set on certain things.  So some parents choose to give in rather than disappoint them.

Let's use this space to help people who may be in a quandary about prom costs.

  1. Where's a good place to get a reasonably priced new prom dress?
  2. What thrift or consignment stores in Ocean County do you recommend?
  3. Have you checked out a rental site like
  4. Do you have a limit as to how much you'll give your child for prom?  And how will you handle if she's begging for a gown that's over the limit?
  5. Do you know about the free dresses that will be available at some branches of the Ocean County Library?  Here is the schedule.

Thanks, in advance, for chiming in and helping other Ocean County parents and students.


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